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i'm going to type this out before i forget my thoughts and then collapse into bed (metaphorically. physically, i'm already IN bed, but you know what i mean). spring break is almost over and i am STILL not accustomed to staying up late.

so! i just finished Juno, as per my friend's request that i watch "the most amazing movie in the entire world that will change your view on favorite movies." now, my friend is a very bubbly and not-that-smart person, and so i didn't really expect to be that impressed. and damn, was i wrong.

first of all. michael cera. okay, scott pilgrim is both my favorite graphic novel and my favorite movie. and michael cera makes a perfect scott pilgrim, making him automatically my favorite actor. and him being in this movie just made it all the more great.

(break: in case you don't know, Juno is a movie about a sixteen year old who gets pregnant ((michael cera is the dad!!)) and plans to give the baby to this couple who can't have one. juno herself is a sort of punk rock teenager who just wants to make the family happy and have the baby be safe. okay, moving on.)

JUNO. the character. wow. i love her so much, from her personality type to her taste in music/movies/boys. she is so wonderfully punk-yet-toned-down and still like a sassy little saint at the same time. i think you'd have to watch the movie to understand.

seriously. watch the movie. in the first ten minutes, the main character transports a whole set of living room furniture from one house to another person's yard in order to inform that person (michael cera) of her untimely pregnancy. if you didn't already want to watch this movie, you do now.

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i commented on the betas-wanted post, but i'll post it here, too.

i'm going to beta for bbb! i just really, really wanted to be involved in some way, and as i'm not ready to make the writing commitment just yet and i've been wanting to beta something soon anyway, why not?

so, uh, my standards? i guess. i'll read just about anything for MCR, FOB, P!ATD, TAI, or CS. any length of fic is fine. the only thing i wouldn't want to read is lots of angsty trigger-warning stuff (rape, suicide, self-harm, etc). i'm mainly a grammar-focus beta, but if you needed pointers or minor plot tips, i could help with that, too.

if you're interested- endless.stormchu@yahoo.com.

and please do not be deterred by the fact that i choose not to use capitalization in my blog posts. pete wentz has been teaching me bad habits.

xx maggie
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1. first and foremost, i am now, for the next week, on spring break. laziness is sure to ensure.

2. i think that reading frank's post yesterday was the thing that i needed to finally reach the "acceptance" stage of grief. it seems like everything's been laid to rest now, y'know? like, "we've buried the hatchet. we're not digging it back up." except, of course, gerard is liveblogging as he listens to the records, so it's not really buried.... (thanks, gerard).

3. h[a/o]ppy easter! if you're still at the suitable age for an easter basket (my dad is 51 and gets one), i hope you got lots of cool stuff and/or candy! i got Rise of the Guardians on dvd and my costco trailmix that is soon being discontinued. the cabinet is now stuffed full of it.

4. i spent my easter afternoon at my aunt's house for lunch/dinner. i'm not one for family things, but i was really happy to get to see my cousin cody, as he's is a) my favorite person in the world and b) now living in chicago, aka: 3+ hours away. we talked about mcr breaking up, fall out boy coming back, and supernatural. also, he offered up his couch for warped tour! i'm really happy- he lives super close to tinley park, so it's a lot better than having to get a chicago hotel.

5. i have six reclists open right now. six. and i am procrastinating at getting to them. i'm going through every single well-written peterick fic that i can find despite not being a huge fan of peterick fanfiction. it's to fuel my reclist-making addiction (even though i don't have a BLOG right now, so what's the point?) since my 130-plus-frerard-fic-reclist is sort of proof that i should try reading other things. oh, bbb, please come sooner and bring with it amazing fics.

6. people give me too many feelings. i do not think i can handle having a "crush" right now.

7. thank god for small mercies such as tomorrow being april 1st. i am officially allowed to run again tomorrow. well, i'm officially allowed to run intervals. long runs are still off-limits until april 14th. that's probably a good thing, because after a month of practically nothing, even intervals are going to absolutely kill me. wish me luck.



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