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 -getting to see For the Foxes. it was both weird and cool because i was really the only one who knew who they were- or, at the very least, the only one who was a big fan and knew all of their songs. i made eye contact with the singer for, like, a whole 30 seconds, and it was wonderful. i also caught a pick! and kinda cried. when i met them, i realized that i have absolutely no idea how you talk to band members, so i was like, "um. i really like your band." +10 points for me. 

-Tonight Alive! they played Amelia and gave a big speech about it, and i cried. again. you'll probably see this as a repeating trend. 

-William Beckett, oh my god. he played About a Girl because it's Chicago, and Chicago is so important to him. it was about a million degrees inside his tent, but totally worth it. i stood in line for over an hour to get to meet him, and it was probably the greatest moment ever. i was totally frozen, though. he signed some posters and stuff for me, and i gave him my "thank you for saving my life" letter. then he reached out to shake my hand and i kinda choked out, "getting to meet you really means a lot to me," and he just grabbed my hand in both of his and stared at me for a really long time. and i could tell he really GETS IT, y'know? then he smiled and said, "thank you so much. i'm so glad." i walked away sobbing so hard that a security guard asked me if i was okay. i was not. 

-i skipped seeing Sleeping With Sirens and instead saw Forever the Sickest Kids. i do not regret my decision. they were so fucking good. i was amazed. they were probably the best ones live. also, i met and hugged Caleb later on, and as i was walking away he yelled, "hey! i love you!" and i tripped and made choking noises. 

-i was expecting Anarbor to be good, but definitely not THAT good. seriously, jesus. voice porn. and every fucking member of that band is drop-dead gorgeous. i'm so glad i got to see them. 

-Go Radio! wow. they weren't very good in their first song (Collide), but they got fantastic pretty damn quick. they played When Dreaming Gets Drastic, I Won't Lie, and Go to Hell. it was so great. at the very end, i almost got Alex's pick, but it landed between me and this other girl and i let her get it since i got one during For the Foxes. 

overall, it was probably the best day ever (hence the theme of this year's tour). it made for a perfect first Warped. if i could live that day over and over forever, i totally would, and i would not do anything differently (except maybe bringing more food. that was so dumb of me). 

i just found a mostly-new Pokemon Crystal on Craigslist for $5, and if the guy responds to my email, i will absolutely die of happiness. let's hope for that. 



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