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 seattle, obviously. 

so, for the first two weeks of june, my parents are going to be on a long trip to san diego/vegas/utah for a marathon, amongst other things. now, for the past three months, i've been trying to convince them that i should go stay with my amazing aunt and uncle in my favorite city, seattle, while they're gone. they've had every reason in the world why this wouldn't work; it's my aunt and uncle's anniversary week; i can't fly alone; the flight times wouldn't work with theirs. the last time i mentioned it was about a week ago, to my dad, and he didn't say anything. i figured that they were probably getting pretty annoyed with me talking about it, since the answer was obviously no.


my uncle, the one from seattle, is in town visiting my grandma because of her bad health. tonight, he and my parents and i all went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, this little vegan place called One World. we were there for a long time and i thought it was kind of weird that we were sticking around that long after eating, but not weird enough to think something was going on. but, oh, it was. 

a bunch of stuff happened, but long story short, my mom handed me an envelope/file thing with a laminated green (my favorite color) paper inside. and the paper basically said something like "Your Flight Information" at the top with the word "SEATTLE" right under it. 

i'm flying alone to seattle. for 18 days. and. i. can. not. wait. it's a month from today and i am seriously freaking out. i guess i can't believe how surprised i was. i never even considered that they'd be doing some secretive thing. and it's just so great. super, super excited. 

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