May. 13th, 2013


May. 13th, 2013 08:40 pm
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 i hate that nobody casually uses bulleted lists on DW. nobody really does it on tumblr, either, but at the same time, nobody would raise an eyebrow if i did. seriously, i often feel like my life would be about ten times better if i could keep it organized in bulleted lists. it would feel so solid and real. i don't know. 

sorry. my mind is far from sane right now. 

i'm around halfway done with all of my beta work, which is about where i wanted to be at this point. the other half will have to be put off until friday, though. studying tonight. and tomorrow. and wednesday. i have math, english, and science finals, in that order. plus my computer project, due thursday. plus running, as i only have a few weeks until Steamboat, and my endurance is absolute shit right now. and i have this unrealistic idea in my mind that, on top of all of this, i can also finish the anime i'm watching before friday. 

friday is Anime Central! i am so psyched. my mind has been springfevertourspringfevertourspringfevertourspringfevertour for so long that i've completely neglected the prospect of ACen coming up soon, and now it's only four days away. i am very excited and you all should expect a superlong post by sunday/monday night. 

five days of school. three tests, one project. convention. field trip. promotion. 

i've got it. 



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