Apr. 11th, 2013

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so, today i checked out The Giver from the school library. and.... i just finished it. ok. i decided to read it because TWO people (my mom and my math teacher) told me to after reading my story project for my english class last month. it was a story about a town in which individuality is illegal and there's this boy pete and he escapes and then he saves his town with music (yes, it's a Save Rock and Roll joke). they both asked me, serperately, if the town was based off of the Community in The Giver. i had never read The Giver before. so, i finally got around to it today. 

i am seriously in so much shock at how the town in my story is almost exactly like the one in The Giver. 

i like jonas as a character. how in the beginning, he is so obviously a victim of the town's Sameness, but at the end, after learning how different everything was, he is so angry and so willing for change. i really like how color was the first thing that he Received that no one else did. however, that also confused me- if no one could see color, what did everything look like? was it all black and white? 

whether this was intended by the author or not, this book scared me. it's a terrifying idea that the world could some day be like this, and i'm relieved that i can say for certain i'll never live through it. 

oh, and i was totally right on what "release" was going to be. kind of disappointing, because i ALWAYS call things out in books right from the beginning. despair, despair. 

the ending really confused me (just the last two pages), so i did a horrible thing that i should be chastised for: i went and read the Wikipedia page. and.... i am still just as confused. thank you, Wikipedia. 

overall: wonderful book, great story line. it's a really fast read, obviously. i definitely recommend it. i'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. 



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